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Commercial offer to supermarkets


We offer original ideas for setting up your premises dedicated to children.  Taking in mind your desires and possessed available space You could erect one or several kiddie rides for children in the same place, creating so called amusements parks.

We offer:

  • Setting of playgrounds and amusement parks for children
  • Wide range of various amusement rides

Why should you choose our kiddie rides?                                                                    

  • Original models
  • Reliable mechanisms
  • Constant renew of the famous entertainment kiddie rides from Spain, Italy and Germany
  • Quick and qualified service


Additional advantages:

Our rides are being mounted in easily accessible and well seen places that will encourage customers with children to turn into the shop unexpectedly, because children cannot resist the temptation to spin on such wonderful rides. As well, our rides-it is really perfect excuse to turn in and do shopping namely in your shop, rather than in any other, because every child will experience unforgettable amount of strong impressions, positive emotions and incomparable pleasure. Moreover, parents will be able to do shopping without obstacles in your shopping centre that will for sure increase profitability of your shopping centre.


We also offer:

  • High-quality production
  • The most useful conditions for cooperation
  • Minimal expenses for technical service
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Completing parts and spare parts acquisition.Klausyti

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